We thrive for perfection and offer a ten-year warranty for homeowners, or five years for rental properties.


Kodiak Cabinets (Kodiak) warrants products manufactured after January 2015 to the original owner for a period of 10 years and 5 years for rental dwellings from the date of sale to the customer.

The warranty period on any replaced part shall be for the remainder of the original warranty period applicable. Kodiak’s liability is limited to a deficiency in material or workmanship, covering repair or replacement of material only, as determined by Kodiak, provided the defect or malfunction was not due to accidents, alterations, or modifications in any way, normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect, improper storage, installation, freight damage, exposure to moisture, humidity, or extreme heat or cold. Warranty does not cover layout or design of cabinetry by others (i.e. dealers.)

Warranty does not cover unfinished products. Warranty does not cover other materials and services supplied by customers, dealer and/or installers. Kodiak does not authorize any other person or company to assume on our behalf, any other liability in connection with the sale of Kodiak products.  Kodiak shall not be liable for any delay in manufacture or shipment of products. Warranty does not include shipment or installation costs as a result of repairing or replacing the product, or any subsequent damage incurred.

Kodiak Cabinets is in no way responsible for installation of their products by third parties.

This warranty is limited to the net invoice price of the products as manufactured and sold by Kodiak to the customer.  There are no other warranties of any kind, which extend beyond the description on the face of this document including but not limited to any other warranty, either expressed or implied nor any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Warranty claims must be placed by the customer where product was purchased.  Proof of purchase is required.  Action taken and costs incurred by the dealer, prior to agreement and written approval by Kodiak, are the responsibility of the customer.

Kodiak continuously strives for excellence in design and performance by improving its products and reserves the right to make changes in product material and design without prior notice.  Such changes are not valid reasons for product replacements under warranty claims.

Wood characteristics

The natural characteristics of wood, including mineral streaks, and variations in color and grain, are not considered for product replacement under the Kodiak limited warranty. Color variations and color softening in cabinets are a natural occurrence due to species, age, character of cabinets, and exposure to UV light and sunlight.The replacement materials may result in a color variance in comparison to the originally installed products, and is not indicative of a defect.

Climate considerations and door characteristics

Extreme temperatures and humidity levels in homes may cause the shrinking and swelling (this change is usually more in width than height), or warping of materials, which are out of the control of Kodiak and are not covered under warranty. Do not install in new constructions until humidity and temperatures are controlled. Cabinet doors that warped must be allowed to hang through one seasonal heating cycle before replacement will be considered under this limited warranty.

  • A twist or warp up to 1/4” shall not be considered a defect for warranty replacement. Door sizes have a tolerance of ±1/32”.
  • Any solid wood product without a frame (slab) that exceeds 6 1/8” inches in width of grain is not warranted
  • Door sizes are within warranty up to 23 7/8” in width and/ or 41 3/4” in height

Painted doors

It is important to note that wood naturally expands and contracts. Because of this, paint may develop hairline cracks in the finish, most notable around the joints. This is common in the industry, but to help with the stability of the door, we use MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) for the center panels with all painted door styles. All frames on doors are made of a Paint grade hard wood.

The painted product is a full coverage pigmented high solid lacquer with a clear catalyzed top layer, systematically applied with highly specialized wood finishing equipment.

All painted doors require more upkeep, as regular usage over time can lead to chips, marks, residue from normal kitchen use, and hand- or fingerprints. The paint may also differ very slightly in tone from doors to drawer fronts to exposed ends.

To be absolutely sure of your color choice, Kodiak recommends that a finished sample door be ordered ($50 minimum) prior to placing an order. Kodiak Cabinets would like you to sign a waiver to ensure that there is no misunderstanding regarding the inherent issues with painted doors.

Stained doors

All Kodiak stain finishes are applied using a hand-rubbed application. The hand-rubbed process provides superior grain penetration of the finish material and a greater degree of depth in the finished product.

Kodiak cannot predict how a door, or portions of a door, will accept stain. For example, the pores in Hickory, in particular, are inconsistent so that darker stains may not be absorbed evenly. If a door meets our material specification standards in its unfinished state, it will be considered acceptable after finishing as well. Kodiak only stains Oak, Alder, Hickory, Cherry, Sapelli and Walnut.

To be absolutely sure of your color choice, Kodiak recommends that a finished sample door be ordered ($50 minimum) prior to placing an order.

We do not offer services for matching existing stain colors.

Although steps are taken to minimize dark end grain, Kodiak uses wiping stains which penetrate the wood. The end grain will stain darker than other areas of the piece. This will not be considered defective.

After staining, each finished item receives sealer and topcoat. The sealer is a high solids material that is applied, dried and then sanded with a fine-grit sandpaper. The final coat is a high solid pre-catalyzed lacquer that results in resistance to moisture and overall durability.

Kodiak Cabinets would like you to sign a waiver to ensure that there is no misunderstanding regarding the inherent issues with stained doors.

General Care Guidelines

Heat and steam generating appliances such as coffee makers, rice cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, kettles and portable grills should be used with care and not directly under wall cabinets to ensure that they will not be affected by excessive heat or steam. Exposure to heavy deep-frying below the wall cabinets can cause oil to penetrate the door and cabinet and harm the finish and/or change the color.

When using the oven’s self-cleaning function, it suggested that drawers and doors on both sides be opened or carefully removed and stored on a clean surface in a protected area.

It is important to keep the cabinet surfaces dry, wiping up spills immediately.

The areas around the sink, dishwasher, cooking areas and handles require special attention, removing liquid and grease spills before they are allowed to penetrate and break the surface finish.

Cloths moistened with cleaning products or damp towels should not be draped over cabinet doors.

Clean occasionally with a soft, clean cloth moistened with water (add a mild dishwashing liquid to remove sticky substance); wipe again with a soft, clean cloth moistened with water only (if detergent has been used), and dry with a soft clean dry cloth.

Do not use cleansers that contain abrasives (Ajax, SOS pads), acids, alkalis or ammonia (Windex); they will damage or discolor the surface. Any cleansers, or residue of cleansers on a cloth used to wipe the cabinets will void the warranty on the finish.


Kodiak Cabinet is asking its customer to thoroughly read and verify the invoice prior to signing. It is the responsibility of each customer to provide Kodiak Cabinets with accurate measurements of their products. All orders are final and cannot be cancelled at any time for any reason.

The orders placed with Kodiak Cabinets are not a stock items. Therefore, 50% payment is due at the time of purchase. Only approved dealers and contractors may order first and pay within 20 days after completion date.

Changes will only be accepted in writing and within the first 3 days after signing. Any later changes will be subject to extra charges.

All purchases are final. Kodiak Cabinets will accept no returns.

Prior to a custom door style, lacquer or paint, Kodiak Cabinets will manufacture a sample (some additional cost may apply) and have the customer sign it off.

The lead time varies from 2-6 weeks depending the order and will be up to 8 weeks for custom projects.

Kodiak Cabinets is not responsible for any damages done by the customer or a delivery service during loading and delivery of the products.

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